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Dress Code for Students

ICD students wear their college uniform with pride and project a positive image of themselves and our college to members of the wider community. Our students are ambassadors for the college in the community and it is essential that all students adhere to the complete uniform.  The wearing of the college uniform is essential on the way to and from college and for official college events. This includes hair styles being kept tidy and not extreme both in colour and style for all students.

College Uniform Items:

  • College Blazer (compulsory)

  • College Jumper (optional in summer months)

  • Clip on tie for year 8 to 12 (compulsory)

  • Sixth form wear a sixth form tie (compulsory)

  • White shirt/blouse (tucked in at all times)

  • Grey college skirt (not to be altered)

  • Grey college trousers

  • Plain black flat shoes (no trainers/canvas/no more than 2 inches)

  • Grey/black socks

  • Plain black tights (with college skirt)

Other permissible items:

  • Plain black coat with hood worn over the blazer in winter months.

  • Fluorescent and reflective strips (for safety), worn on school bags and/or overcoats.

  • Belt (black in colour).

  • College scarf or plain black scarf.

  • Plain black hat can be worn in winter months (outside and to/from college).

Non permissible items:

  • Hoodies or any other jumper which is not the college jumper.

PE Uniform (Compulsory Items):

  • Maroon top with college logo

  • Black shorts with college logo

  • Maroon and white socks with college logo

  • Football boots (no blades) or Astro Turf trainers

  • Indoor trainers

Other permissible PE items:

  • Quarter zip top with college logo.

  • Black bottoms with college logo.

Non permissible PE items:

  • No alternative football shirts/shorts/tracksuits are permitted during PE classes.  However, these may be worn during after college sporting activities.

NIFL Uniform

  • This uniform is specific to those Sixth Form students enrolled on the NIFL Scholarship Programme to complete a BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sport and is available, for purchase, from the course provider.

Junior Uniform


PE Kit

PE Kit.png

Senior Uniform

Senior Uniform.png

NIFL Academy Player Scholarship Programme Kit

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