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The term ‘Educational Visits’ refers to:


‘All academic, sporting, cultural, creative and personal development activities, which take place away from the young persons’ school, and make a significant contribution to learning and development of those participating’.

Our students derive considerable benefit from taking part in educational visits.  In particular, they have opportunities to participate in activities and gain from experiences not available in the normal classroom setting.  Such educational visits help young people to develop a wide range of valuable personal and social skills.

Basic educational visits are those that take place on a regular basis and occur within College hours e.g. sporting fixtures/swimming pool visits, etc.

One-off educational visits e.g. excursions such as field study trips/theatre visits.

Residential educational visits take place both within the Uk and Ireland and are one or more night’s stay for the purpose of the student’s education e.g. visits to residential centres, field centres and school exchanges.

An international trip may be organised by a Department within the College, or collaboratively between Departments where students across subjects will benefit from the educational experience.

College trips are permitted to support the delivery of the Curriculum however, reward trips and trips relating to extra-curricular activities also take place to enhance learning and to support personal development beyond the curriculum.


Parental consent will be sought for each student attending a College trip.


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