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Through our student centred approach and by embracing the principles of integrated education, we:

  • Welcome children of all faiths or none;

  • Raise self-esteem;

  • Practise the Christian values of empathy, integrity, kindness and acceptance;

Promote positive relationships within a restorative environment.


Through the delivery of a high quality education for students of all abilities, we:

  • Maximise students’ potential;

  • Offer academic and vocational pathways;

Provide opportunities for our students to become responsible, employable citizens with transferable life skills.



Through involvement in a range of activities in and beyond the classroom, our students:

  • Are given the opportunity to have an enjoyable college experience;

  • Develop personal pride, confidence and self respect;

  • Engage with other members of the college community to enhance social skills;

  • Realise the importance of a healthy work-life balance;

Value the opportunities which integration has given them to become effective contributors to society.


Through the promotion of a peaceful and democratic college community, we:

  • Enhance links with the local and global community;

  • Provide opportunities for parental and family involvement;

  • Endeavour to reflect the diversity within our society;

Empower our students to take an active role in college life.

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