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Integrated College Dungannon (ICD) is open to all students regardless of any difference perceived by themselves or others. At ICD, students from diverse backgrounds and cultures are educated together every day in the same classrooms.

ICD promotes a carefully nurtured ethos which supports this level of integration and ensures all students will feel welcome, safe, happy and thereby ready to learn. 

Caring for and accepting others for who they are, promotes a culture of respect which permeates all that takes place in the college. The college’s welcoming ethos was acknowledged with the presentation of the EA Welcoming Schools’ Award and in gaining the, “Excellence in Integration Award” from the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).

As an Integrated College, we care and cater for the full spectrum of academic ability, setting high academic and behavioural standards for all students. From those who have a Special Educational Need or English as an Additional Language to those who are gifted and talented; maximising learning and achievement is a priority at ICD.

All students are welcome to be educated together irrelevant of where they came from, their religious affiliation and regardless of their ability or disability. Students are encouraged to respect the ability, religious beliefs and culture of others and themselves; taught to have a clear understanding of people and society; and prepared for the world of study and work which lies ahead. 

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