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Students, from all Year Groups, are encouraged to participate in charity fundraising.  This helps:

  • Promote students’ awareness of charity groups;

  • Enable students to engage in raising awareness and organising fund-raising activities;

  • Foster community involvement; and

  • Encourage students to consider and support others less fortunate than themselves.


The College will support, in the first instance, local charities and charities which individual students and members of staff wish to support, and thereafter will consider requests from other charities. The Student Council and each Year Group will run one charity event each academic year. 


Each group running a charity event will be allocated a specific assembly date to:

  • provide information on the charity which they will be supporting;

  • introduce a representative from the charity group;

  • outline the activities planned; and

  • present the money raised to the charity representative. 


Sixth Form students will have the opportunity to become a member of the Social Action Interact Committee, aligned to Rotary International. This Committee will elect a Chairperson and a Secretary. 


The role of the Committee will be to:

  • Assist staff and students with organising charity activities;

  • Support their chosen charity with events throughout the academic year; and

  • Promote awareness of the charity work undertaken within the College.