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At the start of each academic year, one student from each form class is elected to the Student Council. 

There is an interview process for the leadership posts of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary of the Student Council.  The Chair and Vice Chair are then automatically elected to the Board of Governors as Student Representatives. Our students are listened to at the highest level of College management.

In line with our restorative practices and to develop social responsibility in our students, they contribute to the life of the college in many ways. The Student Council meet regularly to discuss ideas or suggestions raised by the student body, they also assist in reviewing college policies each year to ensure that the student voice is heard. Our Student Council has over many years developed close links with the children at New Beginnings Children’s Village in Uganda and each year we organise a range of events to support them. We also organise events such as the Christmas Extravaganza to support other local charities.

As an active Student Council involved in decision making in College at an operational level, our Student Councillors’ views are often sought by the media, educationalists and those with an interest in student life, e.g. our Student Councillors views were sought and published in a book entitled ‘Rebuilding Our Schools from the Bottom Up’ a book written in response to the significant changes which have taken place in the education system over the years.

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