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Our Parent Council meets 6 times annually and all parents are welcome to attend.

Parent Council Meetings provide an opportunity for parents to:

  • Learn about the work of the College;

  • have a say on College Policies;

  • Meet other parents; and

  • Further support their child during their time at the College.

It is a forum through which parents can play an active and positive role in their child’s education.

We are very grateful for the support our Parent Council provides to the College.

In addition, an Annual Parent Meeting takes place in College.  At this meeting, if there are vacancies for parent representatives on the Board of Governors, nominations are sought and an election of Parent Governors, to the Board of Governors, will take place.

Having Parent Representatives on the Board of Governors secures a working link between the Board of Governors and the Parent Council and provides the parent body with a voice at all Board of Governor Meetings.

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