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Dungannon based company, Greiner Packaging Ltd effectively addressed the issue of reducing greenhouse gases, in 2013, when it installed an innovative energy heating scheme, in collaboration with Integrated College Dungannon. The scheme not only reduced the carbon emissions of the company but provided heat to the College, free of charge. Thereby reducing the College’s carbon emissions too. 


The scheme, known as ‘Project SCool’, was launched at Integrated College Dungannon on 29th May 2013 by former Education Minister, Mr John O’Dowd, during a visit to ICD and the Greiner Packaging Plant. Mrs Arlene Foster, then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Industry, attended the launch also.


The integrated energy recovery systems at Greiner’s air compressions allow up to 80% of input energy to be captured in the form of hot water. This hot water is used to heat the oil free offices at Greiner Packaging before entering the plant’s green warehouse.  From there it travels through 300 yards of underground pipes to the College (providing the College with heat) before returning to Greiner’s 20,000 litre tanks, as it has now reached the optimal temperature for use in their production processes.


This project was, at the time of installation, the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland and only the 10th globally.


Greiner Packaging Ltd and Integrated College Dungannon mutually benefit from Project SCool and it was no surprise when the innovative firm continued their offer to the College by providing heat to the College’s new Sports Centre when it opened in 2017.


Greiner Packaging’s innovative engineering projects have benefitted the College greatly.  Their commitment to social and environmental responsibility is evident in the projects they become involved with and their continued commitment to Project SCool is testament to this.

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