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Taic Ionnsachaidh

In the event of Integrated College Dungannon engaging in Remote Learning, parents/guardians will be informed via the SIMS Parent App. To access SIMS Parent App, parents/guardians are required to inform the College Office of their email address. The College will forward an invitation to the parent to join the App; along with all required information regarding its use. 

During periods of remote learning, details of learning can be accessed through Google Classroom. Login to Google Classroom can be achieved using ‘My School’ Login in and can be accessed at home. (For link to access ‘My School’ Login please return to the Main Page and see relevant tab). It is essential that students know their login details, throughout the school year, so they are immediately able to access the Google Classroom platform in the event of any remote learning.

Students are required to have a Google Classroom for each academic subject they study. Students will be provided codes at the beginning of each academic year so they can register on the Google Classrooms. Parent/Guardians are also welcome to register on each of their child’s Google Classrooms.

In the event of full lockdown remote learning, students are expected to follow their school timetables as a schedule for learning to be completed via their Google Classrooms. In the event of partial remote learning (e.g. one year group learning from home) parents/guardians will be sent a schedule of the learning to be completed via the SIMS Parent App. 



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