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ICD’s Preventative Education Programme

Our ‘Preventative Education Programme’ provides students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and resilience needed to live successfully and positively in the modern world. It has been developed over many years and reflects the key aims within our College Vision. Carefully crafted lessons, workshops and assemblies, delivered by ICD staff and selected outside agencies, allow every student to know and understand their roles and responsibilities in feeling “welcome, safe and happy” as well as signposting the all-important support networks, relevant to each student’s age and experience.


Our Preventative Education Programme includes:

  • Mental Health Awareness Programmes

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Programmes

  • CPR Training (ICD is a Restart a Heart School)

  • Money Management Programme

  • Road Safety Programme

  • Anti-Bullying Programme

  • Anti-Bullying Ambassador training

  • Restorative Practices Training

  • Family Works Counsellor

  • Gambling Awareness Programmes

  • Staying Safe on a Night Out – delivered by PSNI

  • LGBTQ+ Awareness – delivered by Cara Friend Project;

  • Skin Care Talk

  • Love for Life Workshops

  • Firework Safety Talks;

  • Healthy Relationships Programme;

  • Debt Prevention Workshops;

  • Internet Safety

  • Study Skills Workshop – delivered by Area Learning Mentor.

  • Period dignity programme

  • Online safety programmes

  • Consent workshops



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